lunedì 15 settembre 2014

White touch

Headband Lockshop - T-shirt Glavil - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Shoes Yru

I went out with my cuties in Pescara after a long time, the day was really good, warm but not summery anymore! I'm really excited to wear more layers and tights soon, I'm kinda tired of going out always dressed in a simple way ahah! Before the real autumn a white coord was totally required, I know myself and I'm sure I'll wear black over black all the cold season XD. Finally I have some free time 'cause I finished all my exams and soon there will be my final degree, it means I can play videogames and do more posts for my blog! I'll share some new reviews in the next days, stay tuned!

domenica 7 settembre 2014

Gold chains

Hat, jacket h&m - Top Fig&viper - Skirt Tally Weijil - Harness Ebay - Tights Sammydress - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

I recently bought this cool and kitch jacket I had to wear it soon, I'm always really happy to find cool pieces in local stores, sometimes it's really frustating when you go everywhere and find only boring and cheap looking clothes! I'm totally addicted with black coords with gold details for this autumn, I hope I can wear more my lovely coco litas (and of course this top from fig&viper is total love, I wish they'll release it again in other colors!).