lunedì 6 luglio 2015

Violet laces

Hat h&m - Cardigan Dresslink - Dress Dresslink - Sandals Quanticlo - Harness AlienMoé

Summer is killing me in this moment (joining the stress for the last few days of study) but it can't keep me from blogging and share a new outfit with some new few pieces I got recently! The dress is really simple but it has the lovely detail to have the back totally naked so it's the perfect little black dress for summer! The lace cardigan is a piece everyone should have in the closet, you can coordinate it with almost everything and you know lace items are always my favorites! Can't wait to have finally some free time after months of full-immersion with the university, I'm also organizing a travel for August with my boyfriend, I'll give you more details when everything is done! I really need some cool suggestions 'cause it will be my first time in that country eheh.

venerdì 3 luglio 2015


 Headband Lockshop - Choker, dress Ghost of Harlem - Jacket Glad News - Shoes Windsor Smith

An old outfit I wore some months ago to go out with my dearest friends after an eternity. I always have a hard time coordinating this Glad News jacket I got during my Tokyo travel, but I really like the result, I balanced it with red makeup and green hair (the wig is from Uniqso and you can read the review here if you are interested). I wish the weather was still like in these pics and not so hot and humid :(  I can't wait for autumn to wear again jackets and tights! I also joined a while ago the new kawaii.i contest with this coord, I would be really happy if you'd vote for me here and here clicking the button "vote", thank you very much in advance!